The Healing Wave
Rife Machine Waves Generator
Thinking to apply the new evolving energy technologies?  
You are in the right place!  
Turn your computer in a highly effective Rife Machine
with our innovative Software.
With the help of your home computer and this software you can generate signals based on the research of the scientist Royal Rife and use as a Rife Machine.

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          Quick synopsis of the generator:  
  • Generates frequencies in 20Hz-22 kHz range
  • Uses standard sound card
  • Selectable left/right/both channels output
  • Selectable sine/square/triangle wave shapes
  • Pulsed signals with variable duty cycle in 20-80% range
  • Variable gating frequency in 1 - 80 Hz range
  • Dynamic gating and output signal capability
  • Ability to store the frequency programs in XML and encoded format files.
  • Capability to run multiple frequency programs simultaneously
  • Very flexible and intuitive graphic programming interface
  • Fully programmable signal parameters interface
  • Easy accessible help document in a web browser
  • Written in the Java technology
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