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Rife Machine Waves Generator
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We provide the payments through the PayPal secure site

How the buy process works:
  • Click Buy Now button. You will be redirected to PayPal secure payments site.
  •  Choose payment method. Most Credit Cards and Bank transfers are available.
  • When entering your credentials, you will be prompted to provide a confirmation email address.
  • After payment transaction will successfully complete, you will receive the activation key and payments details by email . You will be able immediately to run your software.
You can test the frequencies’ shapes, manually run it and have an overall feeling how generator operate. You can keep it for free as long as you wish.
In addition to free version the Gating feature, Program Runner and the Library Editor modules will be available. Purchase the full version activation key for $69 USD.
* Note.
A Rife frequency library also will be shipped to you. This library contains a compilation of frequencies gathered from the Rife internet community. These frequencies are programmed and encoded in the crs library format and ready to be used by the Rife Machine Wave Generator.
There is no guaranty that these frequencies are accurate and you will achieve the expected results. They are provided for testing and development purposes.