The Healing Wave
Rife Machine Waves Generator
Generator Software

Software Description
With the help of your home computer and this software you can generate signals based on the theories of the scientist Royal Rife and use as a Rife Machine. Here are the main software's features:
 Multiple generator instances.
The interface is intuitive, feature multiple generator instances, a synchronization function and have fully displayable signal parameters.

 Program Runner Module.
The software features a sophisticated module for loading selecting and running programs. The protocol frequencies are stored as programs in libraries. You can easily search and run any program. Manual gating and output intervention is available to overwrite the program settings.

 Library Editor Module.
The signal parameters are fully programmable with the help of a versatile Library Editor. You can practically store and manage a large numbers of programs in a library. The libraries can be structured based on your criteria for more usability and very quick access. As a security feature the libraries can be saved in encoded files.