The Healing Wave
Rife Machine Waves Generator
How to install - JRE1.4
Install Kit components
The install kit contains all the available versions and documentation including a free version.  
The free version require a free activation key.
The basic and full versions require an activation key to be purchased.
The software is developed in Java. In order to run a Java program is necessary to have installed Java Runtime Engine  (JRE) on your computer. Many of today softwares use it and you already might have it installed. Simply download the Generator installation kit , install it and run it.
The minimum Java Runtime version required is 1.4 but it will work on higher versions too.

If you do not have a Java Runtime Engine installed you can download the generator software kit which already contain a Java Runtime version 1.4. The engine will be available only to the Rife Machine Wave Generator and will not interfere with other software from your computer.
How to install  Rife Machine Waves Generator*  - Windows version.
Once you’ve downloaded the installation kit, create a folder with a suggestive name, and unzip the installation kit in this folder. The package will unfold in the wavegen folder.
Example C:\Generator\wavegen\..
How to run Rife Machine Waves Generator*  - Windows version.
In the wavegen folder you will find a batch file named run.bat. If you download the Java Run Time containing kit you will find run_jre_local.bat batch file instead. Double click on this file lo run the generator.
Note that the generator application can run only one instance at the time. After you succesfuly start the generator you can create a shortcut on the deskop of the computer for easier lunch.
* Linux version install coming soon!