The Healing Wave
Rife Machine Waves Generator
About Rife Technology

As the researcher Royal Rife discovered, the microorganisms and viruses which causes various diseases can be destroyed by applying on them energy waves of various specific frequencies.    

These frequencies will resonate with the microbe which will start to accumulate more and more energy. After absorbing a specific amount of energy the microbe will release the energy by breaking his body. This way the germs can be destroyed and the disease can be cured. Of coarse you have to know which germ it’s all about and research which frequency will destroy it.

Rife put big efforts in this research and after overcoming several technological barriers, he comes up with a very advanced microscope which allowed him to see live viruses. As a meaning to generate and transfer the waves’ energy in the microbes’ bodies he also developed a special waves generator later on known as a Rife Machine or Rife Device.
At the time the research was done – 1920 – ‘30 years, an electrical device which generated a wide range of frequencies and in various wave shapes with a high degree time stability was very expensive and hard to develop. Achieving the necessary output level for a wide range of frequencies also was difficult to obtain. When it comes to operate the device, the rudimentary system made even harder to reproduce the exact frequency combinations discovered to be effective.
But here we are in the spatial and digital era. We have in our houses all we need to generate those frequencies. We all have a home computer an audio amplifier, headphones and wires. You just need the proper software to control your computer. This is the key element in this equation.