The Healing Wave
Rife Machine Waves Generator
How To Use Rife Tech
General Considerations
Here are a few major ways to transfer the wave’s energy in the body.
1. Electrically transferring the wave with two electrodes placed on the body.
We need to consider several factors. Everyone has different skin impedance, the higher it is, it act as resistance for the electricity which is transferred in the body. The device's voltage output has to be in a safe range. Usually the transistors amplifiers have a low range voltage output, but be carefully with tube amplifiers, as they have a high voltage range output and can be dangerous.
Before applying the wave as an electrical signal, measure the voltage output of your amplifier in the whole range of frequencies and determine which the safe range is for you.
2. Penetrating the body by controlled electromagnetic waves.
Usually is a high frequency wave amplitude modulated with the Rife frequency. This will trigger the necessary levels of energy to destroy the bacteria or viruses. This method is the originally developed by Rife scientist, but because of a high freq electromagnetic wave is involved, it could be dangerous if not applied by an experienced operator and by a well calibrated device.
3. Applying a sound wave through a speaker placed on the body.
This is analogues with the resonance phenomena when an opera singer can break a crystal glass by a sustained sound.  The condition is to apply the right frequencies combination for the specific amount of time.
Sound is the safest method for applying the wave. The higher the output the more effective the transfer will be. Still a normal level should be considered. First do experiment with the headphones level offered by the built in amplifier of you PC. You can experiment also with a more powerful amplifier with one speaker. If you use two speakers coming from different channels you have to consider the signal coming from speakers to be in phase. Otherwise it will compensate each other and the effectiveness of device will decrease. Do not apply a sound level which make you nervous or visible stress you.
We recommend sound method because:                                                                            
·        The useable Rife frequencies are in the audio range.                                                        
·        Interfacing the amplifier output with the body is safer than the electrical contact.                
·        The audio waves were proven to induce the same level of energy at the cellular level.           
How to use the software with an audio hardware interface  
  In order to use this software you need:
- a PC to run the Rife Wave Generator Software
- an audio amplifier* to amplify the generated waves
- an interface** with your body to apply the energy waves
* The amplifier can be your embedded computer amplifier or any external power audio amplifier. The higher audio bandwidth the better.
** The body interface consists in the headphones or the speakers which are connected to the output of the amplifier through the electrical wires.
A large frequency library is available to be used as you’ll purchase the full software version.